Why horses?

Simply stated … it’s about awareness.

As non-predatory animals horses are acutely aware of, and responsive to, their surroundings. From subtle shifts in energies and emotions to the flapping of a demon plastic bag they are programmed to respond instantly to any stimuli according to the energy it emits. And because they do so without judgment, they can never lie. What is, is … pure and simple.



 Equine experiential learning, a relatively new personal growth and self-discovery discipline within the past 15 years, works with the horse’s intuitive and instinctual response mechanisms to help people open the door to a new level of self-knowledge and understanding ~ a new awareness. It promotes a way of living that’s present, full-bodied and open-hearted as opposed to the modern norm of past- or future-focused, closed-minded and frozen-hearted. Creative as opposed to (self-) destructive. Mindful instead of mind-full.

Horses live in the fluid now and in their presence we are asked to do the same. To claim our authentic selves and recognize our impact on the world around us. Through equine experiential learning they help us attune to our body’s language and the honest intent of our hearts by reflecting back to us the energy we send out.

“Horses help people to learn about their non-verbal cues, unconscious behaviour patterns, and the emotional import and intent of their words and actions. … [They] help people to get out of their own way by requiring them to be present to the moment and to not rely on their outdated thought patterns or opinions. … “*

Horse Spirit Connections

The beauty of working with horses is that they hold no judgement; they respond only to “what is.” They don’t know what we did in our past, they respond only to the energy we hold in the present.

By reading and interpreting their body language we learn to understand our own. We get an honest reflection of the energy we carry with us and how we project it into our world. This gives us an opportunity to recognize the patterns of behaviour that do, and don’t, work for us and begin the process of change as appropriate.

We can take ownership of how we interact with our world when the light of awareness is shone on us by way of the beautiful horse.


Healing begins in the heart …



©Dorothy Chiotti 2014

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