Cor Equus ~ latin for the heart of the horse. And it is within the influence of the finely-tuned and sensitive, but all-too-often ignored heart of our own being that we find our authentic Self. The heart  represents the core of our strength, our power, our passion for life, the very traits we admire in the horse.

The heart is central to our sacred space.

Sacred space?

Call it sanctuary, if you wish. The hallowed place inside where peace dwells, or is supposed to. The place too easily corrupted from an early age by the pain, drama and emotional disturbances of the outside world, including toxic family and friends, community leaders … the list goes on. The boundaries to this sanctuary are crossed, trampled and ignored by others because we don’t know they are ours to protect. It’s only later in life when we feel so overwhelmed by these unconscious disturbances and we start shutting down via depression and its many toxic allies that we realize, if we’re lucky, that our lives have been somehow hijacked and something needs to change. We need to come to our own rescue to find our truth and begin to live authentically.

Just a few mindful hours with a horse can change your life …

dsc_1186.jpgA horse is a representation of our sacred space. Yes, they are beautiful, but they’re more than a four-legged heart throb. This immensely sentient being has the capacity to reflect back to us who we are in the moment. Time spent with a horse is like looking in a finely-tuned emotional mirror, we just need the willingness to see ourselves the way they feel us and the awareness to recognize, process, heal and release the disturbances and old patterns that prevent us from being ourselves.

In a guided experience with a horse we can identify what stands in our way of being authentic and find the courage to release the life-numbing patterns that hijack our dreams and keep us stuck in old ways. We can learn how to roll with the wave of emotional information we receive moment-by-moment, employing our body’s innate and all-too-forgotten wisdom to help us negotiate the challenges of life while healing and nurturing that sacred space within. Engaging the collective wisdom of mind, body and spirit is key to healing our sacred space and living the authentic life. We simply need to re-awaken our capacity to do so.


“The heart is the most powerful generator of rhythmic information patterns in the human body. … With every beat, the heart not only pumps blood, but also transmits complex patterns of neurological, hormonal, pressure and electromagnetic information to the brain and through-out the body. … the heart is uniquely positioned as a powerful entry point into the communication network that connects body, mind, emotions and spirit.”

Source: Institute of HeartMath


Shadow SelfieWith CorEquus you’ll learn:

  • the value of living in the moment and how to do it mindfully
  • how to access the core of your authentic power
  • how to live through your body’s intelligence while quietening the mind’s need to control
  • how to incorporate the power of heart-based energy into your daily activities
  • how to recognize and begin the healing of your shadow
  • how to access emotions as information and interpret their messages for you
  • the importance of heart connection and how to incorporate it into daily living

©Dorothy Chiotti 2018

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